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Crystolite Pharmaceuticals is committed to improving people’s well-being through the development and distribution of innovative products in Aesthetic, Dermatology, and general Segments. Founded in 2004 in Islamabad, Pakistan, the company currently employs approximately 160 people. We have two manufacturing plants i.e. Crystolite Pharmaceuticals and Crystolite Pharmaceuticals (Health care Division) The state-of-the-art equipment and facilities are also available to complement its wide range of services and breakthrough procedures, all to ensure the best results possible.


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Crystolite Pharmaceuticals was established in 2004 in Islamabad, Pakistan, and it currently employees approximately 160 people. We at Crystolite Pharmaceuticals consider our human resource the prime resource and recognition and reward to the employees is the hallmark of the company. Therefore, continuous training and development of the human resources for the improvement of the professional skills is also targeted.
Strong national and cultural values define our work ethics and guide us to formulate and practice the company’s strategy in line with our aim, mission and vision.

Our vision is to focus on improving the quality of life by delivering quality medicine in a competitive market and to achieve profitable growth through innovation & commitment.

Our mission is to improve health care and reduce suffering of the people of the World by providing quality and innovative skin care products.

Our aim is to penetrate into the expanding market quickly and stand at our own. Our products fulfill the market needs and it will be challenging to attain full customer satisfaction. We will focus on quality of the existing products and introduce innovative health and skin care products.

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Crystolite Pharmaceuticals office is located in Rawat Industrial Area Islamabad.

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